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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Know about potential problems before they happen

24/7 Monitoring for Your IT Network

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You can’t deny the role that technology plays in our daily businesses activities. Your organization needs to ensure that critical IT systems are always available to support core business functions. Your business grinds to a halt when something goes wrong.

To keep your business productive and profitable, your IT network needs to stay in working order. Your systems need to function properly so you can perform your basic, day-to-day tasks.


Maintaining IT systems with an in-house staff is unrealistic for most organizations in the small/medium business space. Moonlight Technology Solutions solves these issues with our comprehensive line of proactive managed service offerings that aim to solve the IT issues before they break in the first place!

What you get with Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Backup Checks - Ensure your data is protected with our daily backup checks and tests

Managed Anti-virus - Know your computers are protected from the latest cybersecurity threats with monitored, routinely updated antivirus software

Patch Management - Ensure you always have the most recent and safest version of the software your company depends on

Remote  support - Our help desk is readily available to resolve all your IT issues

Network Monitoring - Ensure your network is running optimally and securely

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